This prestigious conference was held on 29th June in Westminster and was attended by over 400 delegates. Of particular interest amongst a good line-up of speakers was Graham Pendelbury from the Department for Transport who hinted at the new Coalition Government’s transport priorities; commitment to the electrification of road transport, pursuing sustainable biofuels and reducing the need to travel through use of technology. There is going to be a new aviation strategy and a focus on sustainable local travel from what the Prime Minister has said will be the “Greenest Government ever“. Four key tests have been identified for future transport solutions; they need to deliver economic growth, increase choice for business and consumers, but avoid new regulation and public funding. Bob Ledsome from DCLG said that there would be some continuity of policies from the old Governement but the focus would be on ‘local communities taking ownership’ and incentivising local councils. Ledsome also noted that the Infrastructure Planning Commission was being abolished and RDAs are to be replaced by Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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