Users of motorways and major A roads around eastern England – including the likes of the M11, A14, A1, A47, and A12 – can soon expect safer and smoother journeys in the region, after National Highways confirmed that it would spend over £200 million on improving them over the coming 12 months. 

Not only roads, but also pavements and bridges will be upgraded as part of the package, with works such as the resurfacing of roads, bridge joint replacements, the creation of cycle lanes, enhanced signage, and improvements to the surrounding environment all planned. 

It all means that motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike will notice the impact of the £205 million in investment overall, encompassing more than 103 schemes in such areas of England as Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. 

“Vital for keeping road users connected and the economy moving” 

Martin Fellows, Regional Director at National Highways, said of the upcoming improvement works: “It’s vital that National Highways’ motorways and major A-roads are kept in good condition to make sure they remain safe, reliable, and keep traffic in the east moving.”

Roads Minister, Richard Holden stated that the 12 months of works on the affected infrastructure would “keep our roads repaired and maintained – vital for keeping the road users connected and the economy moving across the East.” 

So, where exactly will key improvement works take place? 

National Highways said that the “significant package” of maintenance work set to be undertaken around the region encompassed road resurfacing, the layering of road studs, and enhancements to drainage and safety barriers. 

The larger schemes were set to include resurfacing work on the A5 southbound between Portway and Kelly’s Kitchen (Milton Keynes), as well as resurfacing, road markings, and studs on the A14 eastbound and westbound between junction 42 and junction 43 (Suffolk). 

The A14 (Cambridgeshire) meanwhile, will see renewals of its signs, and there will be work carried out on road markings and stud renewal on the A120. The A12 southbound (Essex) will also benefit from resurfacing. 

It was also pointed out by the company that with four decades having now passed since many concrete roads were laid, there is a need for upgrades in certain areas to help ensure a smoother road surface, improved safety, and reduced noise for motorists and nearby residents. 

With this in mind, National Highways said that four locations would be subject to concrete reconstruction schemes. These are the A11 carriageway between Spooner Row and the Tuttles Interchange at Wymondham; the A12 Margaretting Bypass (junctions 13 and 15); the A12 between junction 25 at Marks Tey and junction 26 at Stanway; and the A14 carriageway between junction 47a Haughley and junction 49 Tothill. 

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