Transport Planning Associates is pleased to announce that Matthew Doudican has been awarded a Master of Science degree in Transport Planning & Engineering from the University of Southampton.

Matthew, who joined Transport Planning Associates in March 2006, had this to say:

“The course consisted of exams, presentations and course work which required lone working and working in groups. It was very challenging at times and many weekends, evenings and sunny bank holidays were sacrificed. The travelling down to Southampton every week for 2 years was a struggle (I live in north London), especially having to negotiate the M25 at peak times but I was lucky in that I had friends to stay with in Southampton which meant I could stay over the night before lectures and any weekends for group work.”

“My dissertation, a research paper entitled ‘Signalised Roundabouts: How Small Can They Be?” was the hardest piece of work I’ve had to do and involved a lot of time in the office during the evenings and at weekends. There is little guidance published on how small signalised roundabouts can be and my dissertation focused on the existing literature available and provided LinSig and ARCADY analysis based on real life junctions trying to ascertain a definitive size. The main findings of my research being that it depends on how many approach arms are on the roundabout and how rigidly you adhere to the DMRB standards for geometric design that determine how small a signalised roundabout can be”

“I was extremely lucky in gaining sponsorship for the course by Transport Planning Associates and was also given day release to attend the course. Not all of my fellow students were in the same position as me, and struggled with making time up and using holiday up. I am very grateful to all the directors at Transport Planning Associates for their support during the Masters course”

The directors of Transport Planning Associates would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Matthew on his achievement.