We are delighted to announce that James has accepted the Company’s offer of a directorship of Transport Planning Associates Limited, and that he joined the board of directors on 1 April 2020.  James has over 18 years’ experience in development transport planning for a range of land use types including retail, residential, employment and mixed use sites.

Since taking responsibility for the leadership of our Bristol office in July 2018, he has ensured that our reputation remains strong in the local and wider market, whilst also having strengthened our relationships with client organisations and fellow professionals alike.  Clearly, we are all living and working in unfamiliar circumstances and with increased uncertainty, but we are determined to ensure that we endure with sufficient capacity and capability to take advantage of the opportunities that will, inevitably, present themselves when the recovery begins.  We are convinced that James will continue to steer the Bristol office well through the weeks and months ahead, and that when those opportunities do present themselves to us, he will undoubtedly lead our Bristol office to new heights.