Our Traffic Engineering teams work alongside our Transport Planning team to develop engineering solutions from initial Concept through to Planning stage and beyond.

Traffic Engineering is concerned with the safe movement of people and goods by all modes of transport.  The teams work closely with Road Safety Auditors to ensure that highway geometry, lining and signage, junction layouts and traffic control systems deliver a safe and efficient flow of all forms of surface travel.

What we offer

  • We use a raft of proprietary software to ensure that our designs conform to the national standards set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges and the Manual for Streets, as well as local guidance documents issued by individual highway authorities.

  • By working as part of the Transport Planning Associates’ development planning team, our Traffic Engineers strive to balance your commercial considerations with the need to secure implementable planning permissions for sustainable development.

Our proprietary software

  • PICADY – to develop priority junction designs.

  • ARCADY – to design roundabout junctions.

  • PARAMICS – to evaluate the area-wide impact of development traffic on the highway network and develop appropriate solutions.

  • Vissim – compares development options and assesses economic viability, environmental impact and safety of the traffic associated with new development on the existing and future highway network.

  • LinSig and Transyt – for signal-controlled junctions.

  • AutoTrack – produces swept paths for standard legal vehicles as well as abnormal loads or atypical vehicle types.