TPA has been awarded a Silver award at the West of England Sustainable Business Travel Awards. The awards presentation was held on 7th February at the M-Shed in Bristol hosted by Travelwest and LSTF.

The award recognises that TPA have a strong commitment to changing staff travel patterns to sustainable modes in the Bristol office through its successful implementation of its companywide travel plan.

The examiners considered that the 2012 travel survey demonstrated TPA has significant progress in meeting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed) targets in both commuting and business travel with an excellent improvements in emissions from business travel across the company. The award identifies TPA’s commitment to sustainable travel and impact on the environment through the successful modal shift in commuting trends for all the offices away from the private car. The award praised TPA for the commitment and managerial support including the new environmental based policy on company cars whereby the company balances business needs and the environment successfully