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Planning permission granted for prestigious new employment scheme near Bristol Parkway Railway Station

TPA’s Bristol office is proud to have supported Ashfield Land’s planning proposal for a prestigious new employment scheme near Bristol Parkway Railway Station, which obtained planning permission last week.

The scheme will be known as “The Approach” and will constitute approximately 200,000sqft of high quality office space and 525 parking spaces. It is within two minutes walking distance of the Railway Station and it is also adjacent to the local unitary authorities planned MetroBus scheme. TPA provided transportation advice  and support throughout the planning process and negotiated with the local highway officers and also Highways England on matters including parking, travel planning and traffic impact.

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    TPA commended at CIHT Awards 2016 for Regent Circus, Swindon

TPA commended at CIHT Awards 2016 for Regent Circus, Swindon

The design vision was to reinforce the public realm associated with Ashfield Land’s £45m leisure and retail development, as a unified quality space for people and with a clear pedestrian link to the town centre.

The adjacent gyratory system had been historically overtly engineered and with traffic flows of 800vph provided a barrier to the site. A fundamental component of the scheme was the removal of all traffic signal control and associated clutter. The design was developed following an early quality audit to consider the needs of all users. The critical design objective was low vehicle speeds. This was successfully achieved by several detailed design features that principally included 10m long raised informal pedestrian block paved crossings, to provide a visual continuity for pedestrians from the adjacent public realm, but a discontinuity for the narrowed 3.5m wide carriageway for approaching drivers, and 25m long transition sections from entry gateways, with sett ramps to regulate 85% speeds to 17 mph at the crossing points.

A conflict study undertaken by the Stage 3 Road Safety Audit Team observed during two hours of the evening peak, no conflicts between moving vehicles and pedestrians. They also recorded 83% eastbound drivers stopped when a pedestrian approached the crossing area, to allow the pedestrian to cross.

Ashfield Land advised it was “fully supportive of the shared surface principle and is extremely pleased with the outcome which exceeds expectations… It works brilliantly….There has been a dramatic improvement to the town centre and its community pride.”

Judges’ Comments

This scheme was a good example of how the use of the quality audit process can contribute to scheme development. It is a transformative scheme which is likely to have significant impact on the town centre. The judges liked […]

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    Planning permission granted following intervention of the Secretary of State at Haddenham, Buckinghamshire

Planning permission granted following intervention of the Secretary of State at Haddenham, Buckinghamshire

Following a public Inquiry in November 2015, the Secretary of State agrees with Inspectors recommendation to grant outline planning permission for the construction of 280 dwellings at land to the north of Aston Road, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, after giving no weight to the housing policies in the Haddenham Neighbourhood Plan.  The housing policies in the Neighbourhood Plan were quashed by the High Court in March 2016.

The planning application was originally approved at committee in January 2015 but was subsequently called in by the Secretary of State for referral and to assess the consistency of the proposals with the National Planning Policy Framework, the Aylesbury District Council development plan, the Haddenham Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan and any other matters the Inspector considered relevant.


Led by Anthony Jones, TPA prepared evidence and submissions in respect of transport planning matters at the Inquiry and the Secretary of State agreed that the addition of 280 houses would not unacceptably increase congestion or highway safety risks on the local highway network; that the proposed off-site pedestrian improvement works on Aston Road would not adversely impact on the qualities of the conservation area and that the proposed improvements to local bus services and the Thame to Haddenham cycleway link also weigh significantly in favour of the scheme.

By a Decision Letter dated 2nd June 2016 outline planning permission was granted.

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Recovered Appeal allowed at Little Maltby Farm, Ingleby Barwick

TPA has assisted Satnam Planning Services in obtaining planning permission for up to 550 homes at Little Maltby Farm, Low Lane, Ingleby Barwick. The development is adjacent to a consented scheme which TPA also assisted Satnam with for a free school and 350 residential dwellings.

TPA prepared a Transport Assessment to support the planning application, which was submitted in December 2013.  Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council refused the planning application in February 2014. An appeal was lodged against the decision and a Public Inquiry held in July 2014, during which Craig Rawlinson gave highways evidence.

The Inspector recommended that the Appeal should be allowed, although the Appeal was refused by the Secretary of State in January 2015.  That decision was later subject of an application to the High Court and was subsequently quashed by order of the Court in July 2015.

In May 2016, the appeal was re-determined by the Secretary of State, whereby the Appeal was allowed and planning permission granted.

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Appeal allowed and planning permission granted for extension of existing dental surgery in Chiswell Green, St Albans.

TPA has assisted DLA Town Planning in obtaining permission for the extension of an existing surgery in Chiswell Green. The extension would add a further consulting room and include additional support facilities, however includes no increase in on site parking provision.

Overruling St Albans District Council’s refusal to grant planning permission, based on sustainable development, highway safety and operation grounds, the inspector stated “I am satisfied that, on the basis of the available evidence, the proposal would maintain sufficient parking within the appeal site”

The inspector also agreed with TPA that it is not the responsibility of the appellant to address any historic shortfall in parking provision in relation to local plan standards. He therefore dismissed the objections by the Parish Council, based on overspill parking, as neither quantified nor substantively evidenced.

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