Transport Planning Associates join the Transport Planning Society (TPS) as a Stakeholder Member and gain access to the Professional Development Scheme (PDS).

For the transport planner, the PDS provides a detailed framework within which they develop their technical and generic professional skills over the initial years of their career. For those with a UK Honours degree (or it equivalent) but without a Transport Planning Professional (TPP) approved transport Masters, completion of the PDS provides exemption from the TPP Portfolio of Technical Knowledge (PTK)

For the employer, the PDS encourages staff to obtain the range of skills required to work effectively as a professional in the industry. It is also provides a useful performance metric, enabling an employer to track progress and commitment to personal professional development.

Designed to meets the needs of transport planners, whether recent graduates, career changers or those with an established career, the TPS PDS requires those following it to obtain:

  • the knowledge that underlies both transport planning and key generic skills, including communications and management
  • experience of work in a wide range of transport planning activities, with an ability to supervise others working in some activities
  • an essential set of management and communication competences.

It’s integral for Transport Planning Associates to join the Professional Development Scheme to allow junior staff members and potential graduate recruits to develop their skills, experience and breadth of knowledge required to excel as a Transport Planner.  By becoming a stakeholder Transport Planning Associates will gain recognition from the Transport Planning Society by supporting younger transport planners towards becoming true professionals, to the benefit of the company and the individuals concerned.

In welcoming TPA, Keith Buchan, TPS Skills Director commented:

“We very much look forward to working with” ”TPA to develop their skills base – these are exciting times for transport planners and we welcome the opportunity to help new recruits in their professional development.  The TPS is also exploring fresh ideas on how to support those who complete the PDS to achieve the TPP in due course”.