Islington Council have unanimously approved a planning application for a new purpose built facility which will be used by both the Anna Freud Centre and The Family School. TPA’s London office has worked with a great team led by GVA, Penoyre & Prasad Architects and Turley’s to secure the planning permission which will provide 2,601 sqm of office floorspace and 1,208 sqm of education floorspace.

Founded in 1951, the Anna Freud Centre is a leading child mental health charity. The institution is currently located across two offices and the new faciltiies will enable them to create a centre of excellence for mental health by the co-location of all of the Anna Freud Centre’s activities together. The Family School, which is associated to the Anna Freud Centre, currently provides 18 pupil places and through the relocation to new facilities will provide for up to 48 pupils.