We are pleased to announce that planning permission has been granted by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State following a recent Public Inquiry, for the removal of existing PFS canopy and change of use of car sales forecourt and car servicing/MOT building to Class A1 Tesco Express and Class B1 offices with associated works including parking and loading area.  Cambridge Office Director Julian Clarke provided expert evidence to the Inquiry to counter the Council’s allegations that an increase in slowing and turning vehicles would lead to to further conflict and interference with the free flow of traffic on the highway, to the detriment of road safety. 

The Inspector agreed that the predicted trip and turning movements associated with the proposal were robust and concluded that “on balance I do not consider that this would materially impact on the free-flow of traffic as a result of increased trips.”  Further in his consideration of the implications of movements into and from the development the Inspector accepted that “right turning movements across the carriageway would take place in an area of slow traffic speeds with interruptions to flow.”  Referring to analysis of delay submitted in evidence, the Inspector acknowledged that “there may be some delays, but this would be typical of the nature of flows at this and other urban sites.” 

The Inspector further considered the road safety implications of the proposals, concluding that “the Council have not made out a case that accident levels are notably higher here (at the appeal site) than elsewhere along Oxford Road…”

In his overall conclusions on whether the increase in trips and turning movements would be materially harmful, the Inspector concluded that based “on the evidence before me I conclude they would not.” 

For further information please contact Julian Clarke at julian.clarke@tpa.uk.com