We are pleased to announce that the Planning Inspectorate has allowed an appeal for the development of 4 dwellings near the village of Great Easton in Leicestershire.

We represented the appellant in relation to transportation matters.  The site is located outside the village boundary but had a “fallback” position comprising employment uses. The Inspector considered that the fallback position was material and that “the road trips and therefore carbon emissions from the site would be less for housing development than the use of the site for the fallback employment use, in accordance with paragraph 30 and 34 of the Framework” and “it would be likely to be less harmful than the fallback position in terms of potential vehicle movements, including HGVs”. TPA provided an assessment demonstrating accessibility of the site to local facilities including the local primary school and provision of adequate bus services, to which the inspectors decision stated that the site was “within walking distance of local services and facilities” which contributed to her allowing planning permission for the 4 dwelling scheme at the site.