We are pleased to announce that the Planning Inspectorate has allowed an appeal for the development of 38 dwellings on land at Farmborough, Bath and North East Somerset.

We represented the appellant in relation to transport sustainability and highway safety issues, at a hearing held on 4th September.  The Inspectorate had upgraded the appeal from a Written Representation appeal as a result of the high degree of local interest by the public. 

The Inspector considered little to no weight should be afforded to the B&NES draft Core Strategy in relation to the decision making.  Whilst the appellant offered a Unilateral Undertaking for a highway related planning obligation being sought by the Council, the Inspector found that it did not meet the test of CIL Regulation 122 on the basis that the scheme would not be in an unsustainable location and because it would not compromise highway safety.

Phil Tilley, who appeared at the hearing for TPA, said “the Inspector got to the nub of the issues and expressed his reasoned arguments to grant planning permission with clarity”.  Phil also said “we are pleased with the decision given our view of the generally favourable local transport and highway conditions”.