Project Description

New Road, Sandy

We are delighted to have worked with Tesco Stores to deliver a new food store for the Town of Sandy in Bedfordshire.  As part of a project team that included Contour Planning and Aspect Landscape Planning, we provided advice to Tesco and the project team on all transport related matters pertinent to the successful delivery of this proposal.

The scheme comprised a new food store with a sale floor area of 25,000sq.ft on the site of a former manufacturing unit, close to the local railway station.  Changes in levels across  the site meant that we had to examine the gradients to design an internal access road that was both acceptable in design approach and did not impact upon the area of the site available for car parking.  A further important factor to consider was managing visibility splays from the site access too.  The combined effect of the internal site gradients and the alignment of New Road meant that careful consideration was given to the design of pedestrian access points and associated internal structures.

The site is located within a walk distance of the town centre, however, we worked closely with the highway authority to develop a public transport strategy that would provide for effective integration of the store with the town centre for users of public transport.  Financial contribitions were agreed to divert two local bus routes.  Local services that linked a number of local towns and villages would route past the railway station to the store, whilst services to the north of Sandy would pass through the town from those residential settlements to the north.

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To facilitate the easy movement of buses a parcel of land was identified for the construction of a facility to turn buses around to the south of the store.

Local improvements to footways were proposed to provide seamless shared use

integration with the local cycle network and enhancements made to pedestrian crossings and links to the railway station.