Cardiff County Council has resolved to grant planning consent for the redevelopment of Caradog House, 1 – 6 St Andrews Place, Cardiff from B1 office land use to provide accommodation for 378 students.

Transport Planning Associates’ Cardiff team has been working closely with Alder King and AWW Architects on behalf of Crown Student Living to  prepare a Transport Statement and a Student Travel and Management Plan to support the planning application for the scheme. This included for car parking surveys on the surrounding local highway network to confirm parking demand during normal office working hours and a preliminary design of an off-site pedestrian crossing scheme on St Andrews Place.  To inform the appropriateness of the proposed pedestrian crossing on local highway capacity, TPA were required to model the operation of the signalised junction between St Andrews Place and St Andrews Crescent.

Post application negotiations were also held with highway officers at Cardiff County Council, leading to agreement of the student management strategy and that the proposed number of cycle spaces for students could be determined based on monitoring the initial demand and forecast targets set out in a Travel Plan, to be conditioned as part of the planning consent.

Cardiff County Council resolved to grant planning consent for the scheme at committee in April 2015.