TPA is proud to have supported Rengen (Cumberland) Ltd in securing planning permission for the redevelopment of a vacant office building to a mixed use scheme, comprising student accommodation and a fitness gym at basement level. The scheme proposed 86 student beds arranged in 19 cluster flats. No car parking provision was proposed.

The scheme is located in Bristol City Centre within the central Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). A Residents Parking Scheme (RPS) also in operation on local roads in the area restricts residents of student halls from obtaining a resident’s parking permit.


Image: Wotton Donoghue Architects

TPA was brought in further to highway officers initially objecting to the scheme and successfully negotiated various matters, further to the provision of a Transport Statement, Travel Plan with Travel Information Pack, Delivery Management Plan and a Traffic Management Plan which set out how the arrival and departure of students at the beginning and end of each term would be managed. Off-site improvements initially sought by highway officers were negotiated out.